Tips For Filing Bankruptcy In Arizona From Attorney Morgan McCain

My name is Morgan McCain, and I work for My AZ Lawyers, PLLC. Probably the best advice I can give anyone that is maybe considering bankruptcy is to look at bankruptcy as an early option. Too many times, we have clients that come in that have exhausted their retirement accounts or 401Ks or savings account. All these things to try to stay afloat and to stay out of bankruptcy.

However, they, for the most part, still end up in bankruptcy and now have exhausted items that we could normally protect through the bankruptcy process, and now, going forward they don’t have anything left, their retirement account or 401k. So, probably one of the best things I can tell clients is, if things are not going well, a loss of job or loss of income, reduction of income, bankruptcy may be a better option to look at earlier on in the process rather than saving it as a last resort.

Probably, another thing that we get a lot is, clients will wait until they’ve been sued by a creditor or wait until they’re on verge of being garnished or levied. Again, this would fall back into the situation where if they reacted early on, come in and get a consultation from a bankruptcy attorney early on, a lot of these process could be resolved, no paychecks garnished, no back accounts garnished or levied. That type of situation could be avoided all around if people were a little more proactive in seeking guidance or consultation from a bankruptcy attorney early on.

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