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Wayne P Novick is located in Dayton, OH. They help individuals solve financials problems through the filing of bankruptcy. They file chapter 7 and Chapter 13. The office helps stop foreclsoures, wage garnishments, collection calls, repossession, and lawsuits. Chapter 13 can offer a way to save your home and car and can lower your monthly payments. Chapter 13 can be filed with no legal fee upfront in most cases you pay the filing fee, court costs and credit cousneling fee. Free consultations.
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Bankruptcy Attorney serving Kingsport and Johnson City, TN. Jim Williams and Associates Attorneys at Law. Experienced Lawyers. When results matter the most!

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Portland OR Bankruptcy Attorney YOUR Bankruptcy lawyer NAME HERE, JUST CALL ME HERE (360) -909-7351. Free estimates, Portland Oregon Bankruptcy Attorneys waiting for your call. Find the best bankruptcy lawyers in Portland OR. Our expertise at bankruptcy law and superior work standards will assure you of the best possible bankruptcy court representation.

These are some important tips to remember when you need a bankruptcy attorney. The decision to hire the right attorney is as crucial as the decision to file for bankruptcy.

The bankruptcy lawyer will be representing you and your affairs so you will want to be sure you have someone who is knowledgeable about bankruptcy law in Portland OR. Always ask about the experience and education of your potential lawyer for bankruptcy hearings.

Most attorneys will provide you with a free consultation so no need to pay fees upfront just to gather information about your bankruptcy attorney and the process of filing for bankruptcy in Portland OR.

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How To Find A Good Bankruptcy Attorney


If you’re filing for bankruptcy, you may be in for a long and complicated process with plenty of room for error. Thankfully, hiring a bankruptcy attorney can make the process easier, as they’ll walk you through each step and can provide you with all of the documentation you need to file your case. Unfortunately, because the demand for bankruptcy lawyers has increased, so has the number of unprincipled and corrupt lawyers who want to exploit your need for qualified, honest representation for an affordable fee. So if you’re considering filing for bankruptcy, there are several things you should keep in mind to help you find a good bankruptcy attorney. Don’t Fall Prey to Promises of “Discounts” Many bankruptcy lawyers claim to file your case for 0 or less, or will quote unrealistically low fees that might sound attractive – but they don’t let you know that their initial quote doesn’t include the 6 court filing fee. Additionally, their impractically low quote may not even apply to you – there are a number of exceptions that you may fall under, in which case you won’t receive the quoted discount when filing for bankruptcy. For instance, the fee might only apply to single filers, not married couples, or to individuals with a minimal amount of debt (e.g. ,000 – ,000) and no assets. Before you know it, the discounted quote only applies to a small percentage of filers! If these unscrupulous attorneys lie to you from the beginning, why would you trust them to handle your case? No matter which bankruptcy attorney you choose to work with, you should always do your research prior to filing for bankruptcy. How long has that firm practiced law? How many satisfied clients do they have? What type of service will they provide you? Look for a full-service law firm capable of more than just representation in court – this means they’ll help you determine which chapter of bankruptcy is best for you, and they’ll handle the complicated paperwork, accompany you to creditor meetings and will ultimately simplify the filing process.

Bankruptcy Specialization and Certification Although many lawyers offer representation to clients filing for bankruptcy, it’s best to hire a lawyer who specializes in bankruptcy, rather than an attorney who practices law in a variety of different areas. Attorneys who specialize primarily in bankruptcy will be able to provide you with the expertise and experience that lawyers specializing in a multitude of areas cannot. Additionally, before hiring a bankruptcy attorney, you should make sure that the individual has earned certifications by accredited institutions to back up his/her claims of expertise – for example, they should be certified by the American Bankruptcy Institute or a member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys, demonstrating bankruptcy expertise and the ability to stay current with changes in bankruptcy law. Consider the Size of the Law Firm When choosing a bankruptcy law firm, bigger isn’t always better – there are some drawbacks to working with a larger law firm, including higher fees and lack of personal attention. On the other hand, smaller firms may be more attentive to walking you through the process of filing for bankruptcy; however, the attorney’s workloads may be more hectic, and they might have less time to devote to your case. Weigh the options carefully – you’ll want to hire someone who is not only experienced, but they should have the time to see your case through to the most positive conclusion – with the attention you need. Where to Look for a Bankruptcy Attorney • Online – Before hiring a bankruptcy attorney, perform extensive research online, reading about the lawyer’s background, associations and certifications. Pay particular attention to how long that law firm or that attorney has helped clients file for bankruptcy, learn how many cases they’ve successfully handled, and read any testimonials available.

• State Bar – Your state bar’s website might have referrals to reputable bankruptcy attorneys nearby – and they also list complaints from unsatisfied clients.

• Local Bankruptcy Court – Some local courts may be able to refer you to qualified, well-known bankruptcy lawyers in the area. No matter which route you decide to take, it’s a good rule of thumb not to hire the cheapest attorney available when filing for bankruptcy. That old adage applies – you get what you pay for. While the fees might appear to be cheaper, this individual may be less experienced, or they could be fooling you with hidden costs that you’ll have to pay later.

Take Advantage of Initial Consultations Most lawyers allow first-time clients who are filing for bankruptcy to attend a free initial consultation, which is beneficial to both parties. During these consultations, they’ll ascertain whether they can help you and what steps you should take next. You’ll also get a feel for how this individual



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Orange County Bankruptcy lawyer providing representation in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. To speak to a Riverside bankruptcy lawyer call 951-241-8070 or visit us at Our bankruptcy lawyers represent clients in Riverside, Temecula, Murrieta, Corona, Moreno Valley, Wildomar, Lake Elsinore, Norco, Winchester, Hemet, Perris, Ontario and surrounding areas. Southern California Law Advocates

Dismissal Vs. Discharge – Maryland Bankruptcy Attorney

Thoughts from a Maryland Bankruptcy Attorney

My name is Ron Drescher.  I’m an attorney practicing bankruptcy and creditors’ rights in Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Virginia.  And today I want to answer the question, “What’s the difference between dismissing a bankruptcy case and a discharge?”

Discharge is the desirable result of having a bankruptcy case, where the debtor does everything they’re supposed to do and, as a result of either confirming a plan or making all the payments under a plan or just nobody objecting to the bankruptcy in a Chapter 7 case, the court enters a discharge and so that way their creditors can’t sue them, can’t get judgments and can’t enforce their rights against the post-bankruptcy earnings of those debtors.  That’s a discharge and I’ve called it the “pot of gold at the end of the bankruptcy rainbow.”

Dismissal is something very different.  When a person files a bankruptcy case, then the court takes jurisdiction over that person and their property.  When certain events happen, the court might decide that it doesn’t want to have jurisdiction anymore and that that debtor doesn’t belong in bankruptcy.  When that happens, the case is dismissed.  A dismissal could happen before or after discharge.  If it happens before discharge, the debtor doesn’t get a discharge and then it’s as if you were never even in bankruptcy.  When it happens after discharge, then that could be okay.  The discharge order will stand, but the court no longer has jurisdiction.  In a lot of Chapter 13 cases, the case will be dismissed before a plan is confirmed and before there is a discharge.  When that happens, that’s usually not a good thing, and the debtor is going to have to go back and figure out what it needs to do before their creditors come and start exercising their remedies.

My name is Ron Drescher.  I’m an attorney practicing bankruptcy and creditors’ rights.  If you have a question about if your case has been discharged or dismissed, please pick up the phone and call me.  I’d love to hear from you.

Thoughts from a Baltimore Bankruptcy Lawyer

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