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There are at least 3 tips to help you select a Fort Worth bankruptcy Attorney.

These are not in any particular order of importance, but each one will provide you with clarity as you weigh the best option for your family. Here they are:

-Fees: How much do their services cost?
-Rating at BBB: What do past clients say about them?
-Areas of expertise: Are they broad or limited in scope?

Now that you know the 3 things you will be taking into consideration, let’s discuss each one more in detail.

Fees: What does a Fort Worth Bankruptcy Attorney Cost?

Fees are obviously an important factor in choosing a good bankruptcy attorney. After all, you are likely facing financial hardship. As difficult as it may seem, try not to look for the cheapest bargain offer. As the saying goes, “You get what you pay for.” Bankruptcy is a permanent public record and will affect your life in many ways. You should therefore get the best advice available. The catch is that the best advice is often the most expensive. In this case you should speak with someone who has a different fee schedule than most bankruptcy attorneys. Find someone who doesn’t charge you for your initial consultation and whose advice doesn’t hinge upon your choosing the bankruptcy option. Judge Jed Shaw is setup to offer expert advice free of charge and he doesn’t get paid for filing bankruptcies. He routinely provides bankruptcy alternatives that clients didn’t even know existed.

BBB Rating: What’s their record?

An attorney’s record is also an important point of investigation. Some attorney’s don’t belong to a service like the Better Business Bureau, but many do. You should do some research to learn what their consumer rating is. The BBB utilizes a graded lettering systems ranging from A to F based upon the consumer feedback attorneys have received. If you hear a TV or radio advertisement for an attorney, why not check them out to see what their history reveals? Even the best businesses can receive a complaint or two, but you will be able to discern the overall consumer experience by reviewing consumer comments and looking for patterns. Yon can locate the BBB online and search based upon the bankruptcy law firm’s name. Shaw and Associates, PLLC has maintained an A rating and is proud to have many satisfied clients to date.
Areas of Expertise: What kind of experience do they possess?

It may be true that many Forth Worth bankruptcy attorneys have a very limited scope when it comes to advising clients on alternative options. For example, if your attorney is only accustomed to presenting a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy as the only two options, then you will wind up filing a Fort Worth bankruptcy with either choice. Make sure they are aware of viable alternatives to these traditional routes. It’s possible that most lawyers won’t discuss other consumer remedies with you because they will not be compensated if you choose them. That is where you need an advocate to help you overcome your financial challenges, in general, not someone who is intent on you simply filing one or the other.

Where should you turn for good advice?

You should try to avoid bankruptcy at all costs. Judge Shaw’s goal is to help you escape your financial challenges WITHOUT filing. Judge Jed Shaw has been a Texas Lawyer, Mayor, Judge, and Fort Worth Bankruptcy Attorney. He has lectured on the Federal and Texas State fair debt collections practices acts. He knows the ins and outs of banks and debt collectors, and can honestly advise you on alternative options available to you in Texas. He not only has affordable fees that are not based on your choice between a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, but he has a stellar BBB record and a broad scope of experience behind him. Let him offer you insightful and practical advice so that you don’t make a decision that you wind up regretting.

Call him now at 1-888-982-8609 for your free phone consultation.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney Sacramento, CA – Hughes Financial Law

Sacramento Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney Anthony Hughes explains how Hughes Financial Law has grown to become one of the premier Chapter 7 bankruptcy law firms in the nation, representing clients throughout the greater Sacramento metropolitan area.

San Diego Bankruptcy Attorney Lawyer

Go to or call 1-877-25-NEW-HOPE for a FREE consultation with a San Diego bankruptcy attorney lawyer. Attorney Jeffrey D. Larkin is one of San Diego’s premier bankruptcy lawyers.

Sacramento Bankruptcy Attorney

Fraley & Fraley, Sacramento Bankruptcy Attorneys, provides high quality bankruptcy and debt reorganization services for individuals, small businesses, and corporations.

Our job is to help you take back control of your life from creditors.

The Sacramento Bankruptcy Attorneys law firm focuses on Chapter 7 bankruptcy debt relief and Chapter 13 bankruptcy debt consolidation plans. We also do debt negotiations outside bankruptcy.

Call Fraley & Fraley now at (916) 485-5444 or (800) 675-1005 to schedule your free bankruptcy attorney consultation! Let Fraley & Fraley, Sacramento Bankruptcy Attorneys, show you that getting out of debt may be easier than you think.

Don’t be afraid. The only people who need to be afraid are your creditors.

There is a saying “Knowledge is power.” Isn’t it time you got your power back?

Fraley & Fraley
Sacramento Backruptcy Attorneys
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Edward Vaisman Bankruptcy Attorney In Woodbridge NJ. TV Commercial

Edward Vaisman Bankruptcy Attorney located in Woodbridge New Jersey. TV Commercial produced by Greenrose Media, Joe Verderosa & Joe Evaristo.

Bankruptcy: What Is Lien Stripping? Maryland Bankruptcy Attorney

Thoughts from a Maryland Bankruptcy Attorney

An exemption is your ability to keep stuff that you own even though you’re going to get a discharge. In most states, if you file a lawsuit and you get a judgment, that judgment becomes a lien against their real estate in the county. If you file bankruptcy and you exempt any part of your property, you want to strip off those judgment liens and you are allowed to do that in bankruptcy. It’s something called lien avoidance because the judgment lien impairs an exemption.
Ronald J. Drescher
Drescher & Associates, P.A
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Suite 107
Baltimore, MD 21208
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Fax (410) 484-8120

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Practicing in Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, Pennsylvania

Phoenix Bankruptcy Attorney | 602-977-1900 | What Is A Phoenix Bankruptcy Lawyer?

Phoenix Bankruptcy Attorney | 602-977-1900

The decision to file for bankruptcy can be a stressful and frightening one. We understand that you may be experiencing feelings of embarrassment, but our staff of bankruptcy attorneys is extremely compassionate and understanding. Your bankruptcy inquiry to Lerner and Rowe Law Group will be kept completely confidential. A Phoenix bankruptcy attorney of Lerner and Rowe will give you personal attention and straight answers regarding all aspects of Arizona bankruptcy.

Every case is different and requires an analysis of your unique financial situation. Your bankruptcy lawyer will factor in your goals and opportunities before advising you and you will be able to make an informed decision regarding your current and long term financial recovery. You can receive help determining whether to file for Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy, Chapter 11 or Chapter 13 wage earner bankruptcy.

Do I Need A Phoenix Bankruptcy Attorney?
Do you constantly find yourself falling farther and farther behind on your past-due credit card balances? Do you owe back taxes you do not feel you can pay? Do you avoid picking up the phone for fear of being harassed by aggressive creditors and collections agencies looking to collect past credit card bills, medical debt and deficient balances for broken leases and / or returned automobiles? Are you afraid that your wages will be garnished and you won’t be able to pay your living expenses or support your family?

If these scenarios sound all too familiar, you’re not alone! You do have financial options. You do not have to feel victimized anymore by increased expenses and decreased household income. During tough economic times it is common for people to eliminate credit card debt, medical bills and other debt through bankruptcy. An experienced Phoenix bankruptcy attorney can help you to determine if bankruptcy is the right choice for you.

Gain financial well-being and get back in control of your finances. Call us or fill out a free case evaluation online today. Our Phoenix bankruptcy attorneys are here to help and will contact you promptly to review your finances and address your concerns. The bankruptcy lawyers of Lerner and Rowe are also able to help you with legal matters that may have contributed to your current financial situation such as personal injury, accidents, wrongful death and Social Security Disability claims.

Our bankruptcy lawyers are familiar with Arizona bankruptcy laws and are experienced at helping clients consolidate and / or eliminate debt. As debt settlement is not a type of bankruptcy, creditors are willing to negotiate and settle for a lower amount as it generally increases the amount of debt they collect overall.

Our Phoenix bankruptcy attorney are experienced at negotiating the lowest possible repayment plans for our clients. This means that you will get control of your finances faster and back on your feet sooner. We also provide credit counseling so that once you get control of your debt, you can start rebuilding your credit and create a positive future.

Meet with a Phoenix Bankruptcy Attorney
Allow the bankruptcy attorneys of Lerner and Rowe Law Group to guide you through the complexities of bankruptcy and debt consolidation. Call (602) 667-7777 or fill out the online form today. We are here to help you get back on the road to financial recovery.

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Phoenix Bankruptcy Attorney | 602-977-1900 | Bankruptcy Lawyer Phoenix

Bankruptcy Attorney CT | Tip Number Two – What Does Bankruptcy Cost?

Bankruptcy Lawyer CT
Bankruptcy Attorney CT
Bankruptcy Lawyer Connecticut
Bankruptcy Attorney Connecticut

Don’t wait until it is too late! Of course it’s never too late to file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, if you qualify, and most people do. But what I mean is that you don’t have to be penniless in order to file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and get your financial fresh start.

As a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Connecticut since 2002, I know the bankruptcy laws pretty well and I know how to make sure you get the bankruptcy discharge that you are seeking. Just think about it…being debt free!! Instead of getting hounded by creditors day and night, home and at work, instead of getting sued left and right, and instead of one day realizing that a creditor took all the money out of your checking and savings accounts, do something proactive to make sure those things don’t happen!

When you file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Connecticut all unsecured debts, with some exceptions like student loans, get completely discharged – you never have to pay them and they go away for good!

So if you are finding it increasingly more and more difficult to make ends meet month after month, consider filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy with me, Bankruptcy Attorney Paul S. Taub. I service the entire state of Connecticut and I make it so convenient you don’t ever have to come into my office. You can do all the paperwork right from the comfort of your own home!

So checkout my website at for more information on what chapter 7 bankruptcy can do for you and your family and then complete the form for a free bankruptcy consultation. I’d be happy to speak with about the possibility of filing for bankruptcy and let you know in more detail how it will work in your personal situation. The bottom line is that the U.S. government was nice enough to enact these bankruptcy laws to give people a second chance in life financially. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is that second chance!

Forget about those debt consolidation companies and all those debt settlement companies as they, for the most part, are scams and will just rip you off! And they fail to tell you that any debt reductions they get for you becomes taxable income that you have to pay taxes on! That’s ridiculous! When you file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, all of the debts that you get discharged are never taxed, ever. It is a completely tax-free transaction. And I bet you didn’t know that the cost to file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is a heck of a lot less than those debt consolidation companies.

Do yourself a favor, even if you are in a debt management program, look into chapter 7 bankruptcy. It’s never too late to get you filed and debt free in a matter of 90 to 120 days. That’s right. Debt free in 90 to 120 days when you file for chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Learn more at my website:

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