Orlando Bankruptcy Attorney – 5 Things To Know Before Filing Bankruptcy

Florida bankruptcy attorney Steve Kramer shares with you the 5 things you should know before filing a bankruptcy. We make sure that a bankruptcy is the right choice for your financial situation.

When beginning the bankruptcy process, we will need to put you through a “means test.” This is a test of your income and financial situation to show whether you qualify for bankruptcy and which plan best fits you. If you qualify, the next step is getting a bankruptcy trustee who will oversee the process and ensure your assets and debts are correct and nothing has been falsified. You will be asked to attend a 341 hearing, which is a meeting of all your creditors. It’s common for most of your creditors not to show but the trustee will be there. It is important to understand that a bankruptcy does not stop the foreclosure process. It may delay it, but it will not stop the bank from taking your home if the foreclosure is what they want. Watch the video now to learn more.

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