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You May Be Able to Avoid Bankruptcy — Many of my Clients do

Although I am a Milwaukee bankruptcy attorney practicing in Milwaukee and throughout Wisconsin, over half of my clients avoid bankruptcy using non bankruptcy alternatives. Bankruptcy is not your only option! This is especially true when you have credit card debt or mortgage debt.

For example, if you have credit card debt, we can negotiate a legal settlement where you pay a fraction of what you owe. We have a 93% success rate in getting most of our client’s credit card debt legally forgiven. And we never require any upfront fees for this non bankruptcy solution.

We can also force credit card companies and collection agencies into a payment plan. You pay no interest and you make one payment every month. This also works for medical debt.

If you have a bad mortgage or you are facing foreclosure, we can often negotiate a modification of the loan with lower payments. Many lenders can be convinced that it is better for them to accept what you can afford to pay them rather than to foreclose on your home.

Some of my clients just want to get out of the house without further debt. In those situations I am negotiating with the mortgage lender so that my client simply “walks away” from the mortgage debt and property tax liability.

Use Bankruptcy Only When it’s Your Best Option

Bankruptcy can be the fastest way out of credit card debt and mortgage debt. Bankruptcy can permanently wipe out your credit card debt or medical debt or even IRS debt. Bankruptcy can also be the best way to protect your property.

Bankruptcy stops all harassing phone calls. Bankruptcy stops legal action. It stops wage garnishment. I use bankruptcy to stop foreclosure and force the mortgage lender to take the behind payments spread out over five years.

What about your credit? The good news is you can quickly recover after bankruptcy. All of my clients are given a proven system to boost their credit score after bankruptcy. I don’t charge a dime for this information. Credit scores have become complicated, but I’ve made a career out of understanding how they work and how to jack them up after bankruptcy.

Fight Back and Win!

As a Milwaukee Bankruptcy Attorney — practicing law since 1987 — most of my clients are decent people who find themselves overwhelmed by credit card debt or a foreclosure. I want to give you peace of mind. Let me show you proven credit solutions which could be the answer to your prayers!

You have power! Both Federal and State laws are designed to protect you from credit card companies, mortgage lenders, and abusive debt collectors. I’ll use those laws to give you back your power!

Remember, not all lawyers are equal. Like any other profession, some bankruptcy lawyers are good, and some are not good. I won’t let you down. I’ll help you get a fresh start. You deserve a fair chance.

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