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Life isn’t always easy – especially when you’re wallowing in debt with no sign of relief in sight. Sometimes the only way out is to file for bankruptcy and to embrace the fresh start it offers. More than a million Americans file for bankruptcy annually, with that number doubling in 2005 ahead of the changes in the bankruptcy law in mid-October of that year.

Those changes have made the process of filing for bankruptcy more complicated. To help you successfully maneuver through the process, you want to an experienced bankruptcy Lawyer looking out for you.

Free consultation – We are ready to meet with you to discuss your situation and consult with you on how we can serve and meet your needs. As an experienced bankruptcy attorney in St Petersburg, we understand your dilemma and want you to know you can always be comfortable in discussing your situation and needs openly with us.

During your FREE Consultation we will answer your questions and help your understand the bankruptcy process because the more you know about the whole bankruptcy process, the less stressful it will be for you.

Experience counts – It’s important to find an attorney with vast experience in bankruptcy law. We are professionals practicing in St Petersburg Florida and have earned a strong reputation and track record.

Affordable fees – Our fees are reasonable and usually can offer you a payment plan to meet your budget.

When faced with such a serious financial problem that you have to file for bankruptcy, let our professionals guide you through the rough waters.

The first consultation with our bankruptcy attorney is free. Give us an opportunity and you will know your case is in safe hands.

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