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Hi, We at LakeLaw represent people and businesses from Chicago to Milwaukee, and you might wonder how that came to pass, so I thought I would tell you a little bit about it.

Back in ’99, when I established LakeLaw, it was designed to simply be a law office in Lake County, Illinois, hence the name LakeLaw. That’s why we opened our main office in Waukegan, the county seat of Lake County.

It was surprising to me that many of my friends and colleagues in Chicago continued to ask me to represent them in matters in Chicago, even though I was located 40 miles north in Lake County.

Of course, the bankruptcy court in Chicago, for the Northern District of Illinois, is downtown in Chicago. We opened an office down there.

Later, people started calling us from the southeastern part of Wisconsin just over the border from us in Waukegan, area code 262. That was interesting, because as the result of that, I became licensed to practice in Wisconsin, and since 2006 we’ve had an office in Kenosha.

The Kenosha office, of course, has to attend bankruptcy court in Milwaukee, which is where the bankruptcy court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin is located. Just like we opened an office in Chicago, we found that we had one in Milwaukee.

Lately, we decided to have an office in the Skokie Swift train station so that people throughout the Chicago metropolitan area could get to us by car, or train, or bus, or any way with convenient parking and convenient access.

That office in Skokie is within one hour distance of just about everybody in Chicago by public transportation or by roads. As a result of it, we now have five offices from Chicago to Milwaukee, up and down the lake shore, so LakeLaw is now proud to say that we represent people and businesses in bankruptcies and foreclosures from Chicago to Milwaukee.